How to Avoid Common Errors When Proofreading an Essay

Proofreading is the process of checking a piece of writing for errors. During this process, you will check for issues such as overuse of the passive voice or slang, inappropriate use of the first person, and complex language. Avoid using jargon or language that is overly subjective or complex because it detracts from the clarity of the essay. Additionally, a poorly transitioned passage can be problematic, especially in a student essay. Below are some mistakes to avoid when you proofread your essay.

Mistakes to Look for in Essay Proofreading

Proofreading your essay should be done for many reasons, including its grammar and spelling. While a person may have some unique ideas and a knack for writing, they might still make mistakes. Listed below are some common mistakes that can lead to a failed proofreading attempt:

Run-on sentences are a common mistake. They can be cleaned up by making them shorter. While it may seem counterproductive, break up long sentences to prevent jargon and to make your readers understand you more easily. Too many semicolons can also lead to a muddled read and may not be necessary. To avoid these mistakes, you can use stand-alone sentences instead of run-ons.

Spelling errors are common, but you may not realise it. While you may have written the paper several times, you will not be able to spot every error in a single reading. Spelling check takes the longest to complete, so it’s worth repeating the process several times. A spelling check will pick up any homophonic errors, miss-typed words, and improper capitalization of proper nouns.

Another way to catch easy-to-miss errors is to read aloud. This will allow you to hear the mistakes your eye may miss. Try using the ‘find’ function to identify similar words and phrases. The ‘policy’ word looks identical to ‘policy’, but it means something different. Using the ‘find and replace’ method may lead to new mistakes and will be difficult to catch.

Cost of Hiring an Essay Proofreader

The cost of hiring an essay proofreader varies widely, depending on the service you choose and the turnaround time. You can pay by the word or by the page. Editors and proofreaders usually charge per word, and the cost of a single page is approximately three hundred to five hundred words. But, many proofreading services charge by the hour, so you need to be aware of the costs before deciding on hiring an editor or proofreader.

The rate you pay for a proofreading service will depend on several factors, including the level of expertise and experience of the editor, your project’s word count, and the turnaround time. Rates will vary from service provider to service, and the amount you spend should be reasonable. If you need to have a document proofread quickly, you can pay a high rate for a speedy turnaround time.

Some proofreaders charge low rates, but they are not native English speakers and do not have a lot of regular clients. Therefore, you can’t trust their work. Also, they may not be able to catch the mistakes that you miss. Regardless of the rate, it is important to get a good quality service that will last. In this article, we’ll cover the different types of proofreading services and how to choose the best one for your project.

Best Essay Proofreading Services

There are several factors to consider before choosing the best essay proofreading services. Ensure that the website has a user-friendly ordering process and that all services are quoted at the same price. Merudio is a popular proofreading service that has a high customer satisfaction rate and offers a discount loyalty program. It only employs academic specialists with years of experience. If you are not satisfied with the paper delivered by the service, you can request a revision or a refund.

Another good essay proofreading service is Enago. These experts provide feedback to clients based on their knowledge of English. They also provide detailed feedback based on the level of English usage of the client. Customers can check out the reviews and ratings on each service’s web page. This service is trusted by the academic writing community, and has collaborated with researchers from over 125 countries. They also provide editing services to major universities and academic publishers.

Another good service is PaperHelp. Its English-speaking editors ensure that all papers are error-free. PaperHelp has been in the market for over a decade and is highly recommended by many reputable online businesses. The writers at PaperHelp are experienced in writing for both academics and non-majors. The prices are competitive and they guarantee high-quality work. However, beware of scams. While using a proofreading service, make sure to read the feedback to know if it is worth your time.

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