How to Sell My RV Fast?

Your RV is an excellent source of fun and adventure, but after some time, it may be time to upgrade to a camper or different size RV as your needs and the size of your family change.

Selling your old RV can be a daunting task and a bit overwhelming. Knowing how much to ask for your RV and the best place to sell it will significantly affect how fast your RV sells. Here are a few ways to sell your RV fast at the price you deserve.

Sell Online

Using an online marketplace to sell your RV is an excellent way to reach an extensive network of buyers looking to purchase a used RV. When creating a listing for an online marketplace, include details about your RV, including mileage, amenities, service history, make, model, and year. You should also include photos highlighting the vehicle’s interior and exterior.

Use a For Sale Sign

It’s surprising to many RV owners how effective a “For Sale” can be when selling a used RV. If your RV is parked in a high-traffic area, simply posting a sign on your RV with contact information can generate thousands of leads and attract the right buyer.

Sell on Consignment

RV consignment is an excellent option if you want to sell your RV fast and avoid the hassle and paperwork that goes with a vehicle sale. Many First time RV buyers choose to buy a used RV to get acquainted with the RV life and to save money. According to the experts at Camping World, “The biggest benefit of buying a used RV is financial savings.

Used RVs are often 30-40% cheaper than a comparable new RV.” RV consignment offers used RV buyers the opportunity to purchase a quality used RV from a reputable RV dealer. RV dealerships like Camping World will professionally clean, inspect, and photograph your RV and handle all the paperwork that comes with the sale of your RV.

Use Social Media

Social Media is fast becoming the most popular way to market and sell items to consumers. Whether you’re selling your RV locally or across several states, using social media to promote and sell your RV can help you network with thousands of buyers across the country. Use high-quality photos and good descriptions of your RV for social media posts to create a buzz about your RV and make a quick sale.

Sell Below the Book Value

When most people sell a car or other vehicle, they tend to let their emotional attachments play a role in the asking price. Even if your RV has new tires and other newly replaced parts, it’s still only worth what someone is willing to pay. Set your asking price slightly below the book value of your RV and make this fact known to prospective buyers.

Selling your RV is a lot like selling a home. You have to find the right buyers looking for exactly what you’re selling, and it has to be the right price. By using some of the tips listed above, you can sell your RV fast and get a fair price.

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