Why is everyone leaving Plexus?

Plexus has risen to prominence as a top multi-level marketing (MLM) organisation in recent years, enticing people with promises of financial freedom and health benefits. Plexus Ambassadors’ enthusiastic praises and success stories inundated social media networks. However, there has been a huge shift as many previous Ambassadors have quietly left, leaving behind the ardent salesmanship of the past. So, what triggered this enormous exit? Let’s look into the intricate web of problems surrounding Plexus, which has left a path of wrecked lives in its wake.

Unraveling the MLM Controversy

  1. Is Plexus an MLM? Multi-Level Marketing Pyramid
    At the heart of the issue is the hazy distinction between MLMs and pyramid schemes. While MLMs are lawful provided they sell real products and generate revenue largely from sales, the similarities to pyramid schemes are frequently evident. Due to high-pressure sales tactics, both models tend to result in financial losses for participants and strain personal relationships.

MLMs, including Plexus, rely on recruiting new members who buy goods and attract others underneath them. Ambassadors are compensated not only for their own sales but also for the sales of others they recruit, resulting in a tiered structure. This structure emphasises recruitment rather than product sales, which frequently leads to unsustainable income and a pyramid-like model in which just a few at the top profit while the bulk struggle to produce any real revenues.

  1. Each Layer Adds Unnecessary Expense:
    Plexus’ compensation structure, which rewards commissions on numerous tiers of sales agents, raises the price of their products. As a result, they are substantially more expensive than generic counterparts available through shops. As a result, while a few at the top collect the majority of the profits, the majority of members receive little or no money, passing the burden on to customers.
  2. Monetizing Friendships and Social Pressure:
    To sell things, the MLM technique mainly relies on human relationships. MLM salespeople have transferred their marketing efforts online since the introduction of social media, blurring the lines between friendship and salesmanship. This puts people in awkward circumstances when they feel forced to buy items from friends and acquaintances. Furthermore, the urge to maintain a personal brand online can strain relationships even more.

Ineffectiveness and Deceptive Marketing

  1. Why is Plexus Not FDA Approved?
    Plexus products are supplements, which allows the corporation to avoid FDA approval by not making explicit claims about curing certain conditions. Representatives, on the other hand, frequently make imprecise promises of health gains, making unsubstantiated health claims that lack scientific support. Concerns have been raised concerning the safety and efficacy of Plexus products due to a lack of regulation and control.
  2. Problem with the Plexus: After utilising Plexus products, some consumers have complained bloating, gas, nausea, stomach discomfort, and constipation. These problems could be caused by substance sensitivities or allergies, dietary adjustments advocated by Plexus, individual differences in gastrointestinal sensitivity, or complaints about the lack of scientific proof backing the claims and safety of the products. When analysing the impact of any dietary supplement or wellness product, it is critical to consider individual factors and speak with a healthcare practitioner.
  3. Why is Plexus illegal?: The FDA issued a warning to Plexus in 2014 after it was determined that the company was illegally marketing different products, including BioClense, ProBio5, and Fast Relief, as medications due to claims that the products might treat certain health issues.
  4. Banned in Australia!
    Due to the presence of the banned chemical 1,3-dimethylamylamine (DMAA), many Plexus products, particularly early formulations of Plexus Slim, have been banned in Australia. This substance is dangerous to one’s health, causing high blood pressure, psychological disorders, and stroke. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has discontinued several items in Australia due to a lack of sufficient quality and safety assessments.
  5. What is it about plexus that makes it so appealing: They were famous for their ‘pink drink,’ which was a powdered beverage that served as an appetite suppressant. It developed to become a company worth more than $2.5 billion after hiring brand ambassadors to promote its products in a more personalised manner.

The High Price of Plexus

The high price of its products has been a major cause in people leaving the company. A straight pricing comparison of Plexus to comparable goods from respected manufacturers such as Puritan’s Pride reveals a large price difference. Its products are frequently 5-11 times more expensive, making them an undesirable option for buyers looking for good value.

Personal Accounts of Ruined Lives
There are numerous heartbreaking instances about the negative impact of MLM systems, such as Plexus, on individuals. Financial ruin and troubled relationships are prevalent themes, with the attraction of financial freedom frequently leading to disillusionment and sorrow. Many former Plexus Ambassadors have spoken out about being imprisoned in a debt cycle, estrangement from friends and family, and the emotional toll of feeling duped by false promises of MLM success.


The large exit of Plexus reflects a rising awareness of the flaws inherent in MLM structures. While it may have appeared to be an appealing possibility at the time, the reality of financial losses, fractured relationships, and misleading marketing practises has driven people away. Consumers must be aware of the potential risks associated with MLMs in order to make informed decisions regarding their involvement and preserve their well-being. As the debate around MLMs heats up, it is critical to lobby for transparency, consumer protection, and rules that protect consumers from falling victim to these predatory business models.

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