Dumpor – Best Instagram Content Viewer Anonymously 2022

Are you searching a method to view and download Instagram Content without using IG? If yes,  then this article is for you.

Dumpor is the best Instagram viewer and stalker out there. It’s free and private, so you can watch Insta stories, profiles, followers, tagged posts anonymously without being noticed.

It lets you download the images and videos of Instagram Stories. The full story of posts from a specific user on Instagram.

Why Dumpor IG Viewer?

Well there are many other sites as well, but dumpor is the best in the business. It offers all its services free, easy to use and with privacy of person using it.

Some of the platforms allow to stalk Instagram even if you do not use Instagram. However, not all platforms can guarantee that your information will not be visible to others.

Dumpor is a platform that makes it easy to search and download Instagram posts. This app allows you to view the profiles of other users without revealing any personal details such as your account name, email, or location.

Dumpor is the best choice for those whose primary concern is privacy to stalk any one’s profile. It is free unlimited to use. You can see, download Instagram reels, photos, comments, and videos

Main Features of Dumpor

  • Capable of Download images from Instagram
  • Instagram content downloader with ease
  • IG videos downloader with one click
  • Multi-lingual Instagram downloader
  • Used Anonymously

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How does a Dumpor  work?

Instagram is a social media platform that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It’s a great way to connect with your audience and build a following, but it can also be a time-consuming and frustrating process.

You’re tired of scrolling through Instagram for hours on end, only to find that you’ve missed the perfect post or photo. You’re sick of seeing the same posts over and over again, and you’re tired of not being able to see what your followers are up to.

Dumpor is here to help you search for  anything on Instagram whether it is a profile, tag or a location,  you just type in the search bar and click over the search button to get results. Some of its well known features are Downloading Content, Browsing anonymously, analyzing profiles, comments, likes, followers, etc.

Dumpor is a tool for analyzing Instagram accounts and it works with an algorithm that helps you analyze your account and other users’ statistics.

With the help of the Instagram Dumpor, it is now possible to view a vast range of information about your Instagram profile and other accounts from a single interface. It also provides you with full access to their comments, likes and other social media information.

How to Use

  • There is no Need Instagram of Account. You can View IG content without login or install anything.
  • Anonymous. Nobody will know you are watching their stories.
  • Go to dumpor.com, enter username/hashtag hit search, you will be redirected to result page.
  • Download and Share. Save Instagram videos and photos in high resolution to your devices.

Dumpor is a  brilliant app that provides the ability to search and explore Instagram content. Dumpor has a rating feature that indicates the popularity of an Instagram account. It also gives you the option to monitor your and other users’ content.

Easy Accessibility with simple Interface

Source: Dumpor

Dumpor is a great app for finding or finding out about a specific entity, hashtag, accounts or places. It’s easy to browse publicly shared information that can be easily navigated through. The interface is clean and straightforward. The tiles can be easily categorized and sorted by many attributes like accounts created in the past, followers or locations

Dumpor has very simple interface, you have to enter a hashtag, location or username in the search bar at the center of the page. Then click search, you will be redirected to result page containing images and videos. 


Dumpor is a website that allows users to download images and videos from Instagram. Users can also post their own content and request other users to repost it. Even tagged photos can be downloaded when the same is public. However, if someone has a private profile, then it will not be possible to download private photos and videos.

Dumpor Alternatives

Do anonymous story viewers work?

If you are using Instagram app to view your following’s story then you can not be anonymous, it will be visible in the story viewers list of the user who posted the story.


Dumpor is a website where you can browse other Insta profiles without having to sign in indefinitely, your data or information will never be disclosed. Another benefit is your data or information will never be disclosed as the website does not store your data. This product uses the Instagram API but is not endorsed or certified by Instagram. All Instagram™ logos and trademarks displayed on this application are property of Instagram

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