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Among the digital ocean of social media, Picuki is the latest tool revolutionizing the world’s fourth-largest social media platform – Instagram by viewing and editing the content without logging the profile account.

Picuki is a free and secure website that allows users to browse Instagram profiles, NEWS, hashtags, contests, etc. Here, you may get a number of schemes to opt for. Like, you can easily edit and enhance the content, whether your own profile or anyone else. Apart from this, you may find out all the top trending content on Instagram in the same spot. And one of the most exciting factors is that you may anonymously browse Instagram and have no need to log in to an account.

How Picuki is used to View and Edit the Instagram Content 


Social media is jam-packed with the latest posts and videos on a daily basis. There is something more throng of new and old posts with different color codings when we talk about Instagram. But images can be transformed as you want.

Picuki provides an array of editing options for those Instagram images. You may alter brightness, hues, color schemes, backgrounds, and overall exposure of the content as your own wish. However, the rest of the stuff, i.e., videos or any other visual content, you can also easily view by this amazing tool – Picuki.

Picuki – Read Instagram stories privately

Using picuki, you can view Instagram stories without creating any account and without letting the next person know about it. For example, you do not have any instagram ID in the your friends and you are not able to view their stories. With picuki you are able to view and download their insta stories pretty easy. All you need to know is their insta user ID.

Follow the below steps and there you are;

  1. Open picuki.com in your browser.
  2. Click on the download icon right on the top right corner as shown below.
  3. Enter insta user ID of the next person and press enter. Stories put up by the person on insta will appear right before you. In case there ain’t any stories available, you won’t be able to see any. Stories appear only in case if there are any put up by the next person. Good luck with that.

What features make Picuki more Unique 

Though, there is no other software that can view and edit Instagram content as per your will in such a way as Picuki. But some more specific features stand it out from the rest.

Let’s figure out a few of them…

  1. It’s free to use without paying a single penny.
  2. You can browse any Instagram account regardless of logging in.
  3. The users don’t need to have their own Instagram account to get leverage of Picuki’s cool features.
  4. Any image or visual content can be downloaded and saved to your own gadgets without any hassle.
  5. You can not only view the Insta content, but you can also view the Story of any profile by just clicking on the story icon and then ultimately see the latest updates.
  6. A variety of editing options are here that allow its users to adjust the pics with any color, sorting, saturation, background, etc.
  7. You can find a huge number of profiles of a specific account username. This will help you analyze what content has been published on other profiles and pages. Thus, you can ponder on your competent work easily and highlight a much better version of yours than your opponent assuredly.
  8. It’s a search engine-like tool by which you search any username with hashtags (###) and get your desired content or info related to anyone.
  9. The user of this site will remain anonymous, which means no one can view your personal data, including date and time of your visit.
  10. You can share the viewed, edited or downloaded content with your family and friend zones as well.

Is there any downside to Picuki?

When a positive thing circulates around you, some negativity must be created alongside. Many of the users think that either is Picuki legal to approach any account, view and edit its content and then directly save to your gadget or not?

Any such ambiguity will be cleared because it is a 100% legal and authenticated site that paves the way to make better content for a user by analyzing others’ content.  Moreover, one can view, edit, and save visual content, but that can’t be stolen at any cost.

Picuki – is it safe?

Absolutely ! It is safe and legal. You can surf anonymous without leaving your footprints that is without letting the next the person know or have any idea. You really don’t need to be bothered about this. It does not even require using VPN or any other tool to change your IP. It’s should absolutely be fine working on any network.

Picuki doesn’t miss the insta trending content

Using picuki will not miss out your favourite insta profiles, the trending tags, stories and posts. Picuki does display all the trends on insta. To open your favourite, just click and you will be directed to the main profile account. You can edit and download the posts, images and videos. And find other useful material on the profile.

Bottom Line

The whole content is surrounded by thrilling info related to Picuki. That’s a unique online app to view and edit Instagram pics, videos, and any other content. Here, you may get a wide range of options to alter any content of any insta account as you wish by browsing it regardless of logging in to that account, and after that, you can save it to your device via a single click. Thus, you have got enough knowledge about this site. So enjoy your visit to Picuki now.

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