How To Connect Firestick To WiFi Without Remote?


If you are not able to connect your Amazon fire stick/fire TV to the internet, There are few ways in which you can do this. You can follow any of them mentioned below to fix this issue. It is very much possible that it could be a network error because these devices are connected by an Ethernet Cable. So make sure that the cable is secure and not loose. Once done, Follow steps given below one by one for setting up Firestick without remote connection to WiFi:

You should keep your firestick/TV near router while connecting to wifi then set up firestick without remote .


1. Setup Network Connection For First-time Use Of Your FireTV

On A Computer With ADB Use ADB Method to set up Firestick without remote connection to WiFi or Ethernet First you need an Android device or a computer with ADB installed on it. Connect your Fire TV to the same network as your computer/laptop/smartphone is connected and if necessary, enable the “Allow Computer” option in Network settings on Fire TV.

Steps To Setup Network Settings On Kindle FireStick using ADB command.

First of all install ADB on you PC by installing SDK Platform-tools for Windows , Mac OS X Or Linux . After Installing SDK Platform-tools now move further step by step instructions provided below:

Connect your Device (Firestick) To USB port then open CMD window (Press Shift key + Right Mouse click together on any empty space inside CMD window)

Type this command to start ADB capturing packets i.e adb devices then press enter key. This will show some random number on the screen it is your Firestick/TV that number means your device is connected properly or not .

Type this command to set network proxy of your Device (Fire TV) on computer i.e adb shell Then type this command, su Now you are root user After giving all commands mentioned above first check whether Network settings are successfully changed or not by running following commands one by one: Settings —> About —> Network  ( For checking WiFi MAC Address )

Settings—> Wireless & Networks-> Wifi Setting (“For checking SSID’s Name”)

Settings—> WIreless & Networks-> Wifi Setting

In case you do not see all these options, then your FireTV does not have network connection enabled and it can’t connect to WiFi. For different versions of FireTV, the menus and options mentioned above might look slightly different or they may be absent in your settings page.

2. Reset Your Fire TV To Factory Settings

So after following the above steps if you still could not set up firestick without remote connection to wifi then follow below mention methods one by one: First reset Network settings on your Device (Fire TV) using adb command , then run Network check commands given below. It will show all network details where device is connected properly or not. Now Reset Network settings using factory reset on Firestick/TV by going through this article

You can also use a smartphone to set up your Fire TV without a remote by downloading an app that controls it via Wi-Fi, then follow the steps in the next section.

3 . Connect Fire TV To WiFi Using A Smartphone

There is another way you can connect your Amazon fire stick with wifi without a remote by just connecting it with any Android or iOS device . In this method both devices should be connected to same WiFi network and there should be no security type of connection between them. Simply install ES File Explorer from Google Playstore.

Then Download an app called “WiFire” from Google Play store onto both your Android phone and your Fire TV or any other Android device you want to connect your FireTV/Stick to WiFi. This app works across devices, meaning that if it is installed on both your smartphone and Fire TV, they can connect remotely to each other over the internet.


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