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How to create thumbnail for Fiverr GIG

Have you heard your first impression can often be the final one? It is the case everywhere except for physical reality. If users are on the main page of a certain GIG category, they will notice positive ratings and your gig image. GIG image or Thumbnail is what prompted buyers to click your GIG. You’ll beat the competition by fulfilling many orders with 5-star ratings.


This article will inform you which is the most suitable Thumbnail size for Fiverr GiG Image and how you can make and create a Fiverr gig image size 2022. The largest size of a Fiverr thumbnail picture is the 550×370 pixel size. Fiverr’s dimensions allow you to make stunning images on GIG. the maximum image size of 5MB. The user can pick either jpg or png.


How to create a Fiverr thumbnail?

Suppose you don’t know the use of photoshop to create a thumbnail. You don’t need to be worried because you can get as many software options as you want when using photoshop. However, it’s fine if you do not know how to operate photoshop. I’ll tell you about the most effective site that lets you create stunning images in minutes. Let’s make one image as an example.

  • Start your web browser, and enter ” Canva

Click the first link. It will bring users to the homepage of Canva. Canva is a completely free site that lets you create amazing images.


  • Select the custom dimensions according to the Fiverr’s custom size, which is 550 pixels by 370.
  • Enter the following: 550 by 370 and then type ” Create a new design.
  • You will receive a blank page similar to this with your size. You will be able to use “edit it” on the left-hand side.
  • You can begin editing from scratch with already built templates or select free templates to download. There are numerous styles for a text that is already designed templates, which modify the colours of your background.
  • Let’s start by creating from scratch. When you click on the blank webpage, it will allow changing the colours for the background. You can change the colour of the page from white to your preference.
  • Choose the palette of colours, then select the colour of the page.
  • You have chosen green. You will notice that the white web page changes to green.
  • Add a text to the page.

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Guidelines To Create High Selling Fiverr Gig:

This article will give you some examples that will help you make a highly-selling Fiverr gig that will lead to higher percentages of orders.

●       Simplicity In Fiver Image Size:

Your thumbnail image on Fiverr should be easy to understand as it’s easy to see a straightforward visual. Additionally, buyers are more likely to contact you as they are comfortable purchasing the service with the proper description. Please don’t limit yourself to the size of your gig’s photo on Fiverr; however, it must be attractive and easy to understand.

Don’t forget to learn how Fiverr utilizes gig pictures in its marketing strategy.

●       Fewer Words Inside The Gig Image:

The most concise, simple and comprehensible description of your services in your gig photos is the best way to present your services. Present your services in the simplest terms to make it easy and clear to the purchaser the services you offer. Fiverr pictures of gigs are crucial for Fiverr sellers. They improve your Fiverr gigs’ overall quality and let potential buyers view what they are getting in return. Follow these guidelines when you create fiverr gig image size.



●       Creativity In Gig Images:

A gig image packed with graphics won’t be able to convert. Maintain the colour scheme of the image as minimal to the extent you are able. Make sure you choose the correct colour scheme and don’t allow your gig to be one of the colours. Fiverr suggests uploading your photo and evaluating its size using Image Analyzer before submitting it to Fiverr.

●       Professional Fiverr Thumbnails:

Your professionalism and dependability should be evident from the gig. Only include the solid points on the Fiverr Thumbnail since that’s your first impression of the gig. Fiverr doesn’t permit Fiverr GIG images within the .gif format. The images on Fiverr should have a format of JPEG and PNG. Before submitting your image on Fiverr, make sure that it is in line with the criteria by uploading it and then checking using Image Analyzer.



We clear all points that’s I think more valuable for you. You can get more impressions on your GIG by adding an attractive thumbnail. You should follow this guide; it will help get more orders from buyers. And one tip for you, Make an effort by yourself by bidding on the buyer’s requests. It will help get more clicks and maybe get orders on your GIG.


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