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PacMan’s 30th Anniversary: A Doodle In His Honor

Pacman has been around for 30 years now, and he’s still going strong! For the past three decades, Pacman has been the mascot of a video game that has become a global phenomenon. And he’s still going strong! So it’s only fitting that he gets to celebrate his 30th anniversary by having a special birthday celebration on google by creating a doodle.

Introduction to Pacman

In 1980, a Japanese arcade game creator company, Namco Limited, introduced a new game. This new game was designed by Senior designer Iwatani Tohru, who wanted to develop a game that does not promote violence.

 The designers were keeping in mind that this game must appeal to women because at that time only games were war sports. The aim was to develop a game that everyone loves to play especially children and women.

 The team designed a game and they named it Puck-man. The game was released in the United States in the same year (1980), it took the United States by storm and was called Pacman. In just a year more than 100,000 units were sold. This game has been one of the most loved games of all time.

Pacman Completing Its 30 Years

Pac-Man was created by game creator Toru Iwatani in Japan. He developed it in 1980. This game came out after Pong. Pac-Man is a popular video game and has been played for over 30 years. The original game is still being played and it is the most popular video game ever. The main character is Pac Man who runs through mazes in a maze looking for food. When he gets to a door, he has to figure out how to eat the dots on the wall so that he can open the door and go through the maze.

You can play Pac-Man online for free. The game is available on most smartphones and tablets. You can download the app from the App Store or the Google Play store.

Video Games:

Game Name: Pac-Man – The Official App

Available on: iOS, Android

There are many different types of games. Video games are now a very popular hobby. Some people like to play video games on their computers. Many people love playing video games with other people. There are many different kinds of video games.

Online games:

Game Name: Pac-Man – The Official App

Available on: iOS, Android

If you want to be a video game player, you will need to learn how to play the games.

Pacman – Google Doodle

For celebrating Pacman 30th anniversary, Google created a special doodle game that allows users to play their all-time favourite arcade game on their browser online.

The programmers at google recreated the original pixel-perfect and an algorithm was released to ensure the game runs smoothly without any halts.

Google glorified Pacman’s 30th anniversary with a doodle game. This new 30th-anniversary edition of Pacman features labyrinths, time limits, and more.

It can be played online. Search the keyword “Pacman Google doodle”. Then, follow instructions to play the game. This game is a joy for arcade game fans.

The Pacman Logo

In an interview, Iwatani was asked about the story behind the shape of this PacMan. He told that” While thinking about the word ‘eat’ when taking a piece of pizza, I saw that the rest of pizza looked like a character, and that’s how Pac-Man’s iconic shape was created,” says Iwatani.

“I realized that although keywords such as ‘fashion’ and ‘love’ would appeal more to women, my opinion is that the word ‘eat’ is universally appealing and would attract their attention as well. That’s why I went with this idea.”

Brief Information about Pacman

pacman 30th Anniversary
  1. There were a few people that were responsible for its development. Toru Iwatani did the designing and planning, The other two did programming development and music.
  2. After the release in the US,  more than 100,000 arcade games were sold.
  3. When the game was released it was named puck-man, which was taken from the Japanese word  “Paku”, meaning chomp. It was later realised that this name resembles the four word that starts with “f” and can damage the name of this game.  Therefore, it was changed to PacMan.
  4. As he moves around the board, we see it eating snack pellets, the tiny dots. They were cookies in the earlier versions. And now the Power cookies are the larger pellets Pacman uses to eat ghosts.
  5. There are four ghosts in the game. Each ghost has a name in Japanese and English. In Japanese they are Fickle, Chaser, Ambusher and Stupid. In English inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde.
  6. Pacman received the Guinness world record in 2005 for  “Most Successful Coin-Operated Game”.


Pacman’s 30th anniversary is a treat to their fans. It is not just a game, it is a memory. Their fans must be feeling nostalgic while Witnessing this game’s 30th anniversary.
This game has become the epitome of the best game for children, men and women of any age. Evolving from the early ’80s, many decades have passed, and this game has never stopped entertaining us. 


When was the 30th Anniversary of Pacman?

It completed its 30 years on May 21, 2010. It is a great milestone for an arcade game.

Where can I Play Pac-man?

There are a lot of sites, like and, that offer free Pac-Man games you can play.

What is the Highest Score in Pacman?

It is 3333360 Points. A perfect score that created by Mitchell in 1999. He is from the United States

What does 256 mean in the game?

256 is the number of levels in the game. Also known as Split screen or kill screen. It is a glitch that appears in the 256th level of Pacman. On this level, one side of the screen is useless, therefore users can’t pass this level

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