Fix Bixby Not Working on Samsung

Fix Bixby Not Working on Samsung

Bixby is a wonderful invention by Samsung, it is a virtual assistant that works using voice commands on Samsung products.

It can be used to Perform common tasks like changing songs, navigating, turn off Tv all with your voice command, text, or taps.

Bixby brings convenience for Samsung users, It makes easy for users to do wonders using their Galaxy phones and tabs.  Bixby can be used with Samsung watch, phone and tv.

Now here comes the question Bixby is no working on Samsung, not every user faces this issue but few. If Bixby is not working on Samsung, then there must be a reason, In this article we will try to provide you every possible solution.

1.      Compatibility

Compatibility is one of the most common issues.  Bixby was introduced by Samsung in 2018 and it is not backward compatible, therefore all models of Samsung does not work with Bixby, If you are using an old model of Samsung tv, that is manufactured in or before 2018 then it will not work.

You must upgrade your TV to use Bixby.

The compatible models already have installed Bixby, just connect your television with internet and sign in your Samsung account to enjoy Bixby features.
Without Samsung account it is not possible to use all its features, if you don’t have one then create it, its free of cost.

2.      Update Samsung tv software

Operating your tv on an obsolete tv software can be a reason of Bixby’s issue. Make sure you have upgraded your Samsung tv software and installed the latest version of its.

  • Open Settings using your remote control
  • Choose Support → Software Update → Update Now.

This will update your tv and latest version will be installed. Update may take some time depending upon its file size. Tv will restart after update, if not then you may restart it manually after update has finished.

3.      Check Samsung Smart Remote

If your remote has weak battery, then a Bixby smart voice command may not work properly.

Don’t go for changing your remote, first check if batteries are not dead, if the batteries are fine then your remote circuit might have any issue.


4.      Clear cache and cookies

Cache is a temporary storage that is used to execute files quickly. It is necessary to clear cache, to replace with fresh files.

  • Turn On your Samsung TV
  • Navigate to Settings→ select Apps
  • SelectSystem apps → select the app you want to clear cache
  • Select the Clear cachebutton → Select OK.

Repeat this process for every installed app on your TV.

Cache clearance will give several benefits like:

  1. TV will respond quickly
  2. Browser speed will increase
  3. Hidden malware in cache memory will also be removed.

Erase Samsung TV cookies:

  1. Go to Settings → Broadcasting
  2. Select Expert Settings
  3. Go to the Hbb TV Settings → Delete Browsing Data
  4. You’ll be asked if you want to delete cookies → select Yes.

5.      Voice recognition settings

Changing voice recognition settings and country language can also help to solve Bixby’s voice recognition issue.

  • Press the Menu button your remote
  • Select System→ Voice recognition
  • Go to Language→ choose a language from the list (ideally, one that you speak)
  • Switch back to your original language and check if Bixby is working as it should now.

6.      Rest Bixby

From the Home screen, navigate to and tap Bixby App. Tap three vertical dost , and then swipe to and tap Reset Bixby. Tap the checkmark to confirm the reset, and then Bixby will restore to its default settings and the app will close.

Sometimes you may have multiple apps installed on your Android device that can be set as the default app for a certain type of file or data. You may have multiple media players, web browsers, or device support apps installed. The truth is that only one app can be the default app that opens when you run a certain file type or log on your device. If none is set, you are immediately prompted to select the app you want to open.

Go to Settings> Apps> Tap at option menu (Three dots on right top corner)> Select Default apps> Check your default Device assistance app> Select Bixby.


If still your problem persists then you must contact Samsung support .

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