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Best Blog themes for WordPress free 2023


If you are thinking to create a blog site using WordPress, the first thing you will be looking for an attractive and fully customizable Blog theme. There are many Blog themes freely available on the WordPress website, but you have to choose one. This article will suggest to you some of the blog themes that are fully customizable and simple attractive layout. Here are some blog themes for WordPress

Best Blog themes for WordPress free

1. Hello Theme- Elementor


The most popular WordPress theme, is Hello is a ‘super’ WordPress starter theme, meaning it’s a lightweight, minimalistic blank theme, with no styling at all, except for basic browser compatibility styling (AKA reset.css).
The Hello theme works out of the box and offers consistent compatibility with Elementor. If you’re going to be building your site with Elementor (which you can now have hosted on Elementor by way of its cloud hosting feature), Hello would be a great place to start. Lighter than most themes, Hello comes almost empty of styling and scripts. And, most importantly, it’s completely free!

    2. Astra:

WP theme astra

The best thing about this theme is customization. This blog theme does not limit you to doing anything you want. This WordPress blog theme is lightweight with so many built-in features. It also supports WOO commerce, which is used for online purchasing, if you plan to sell something on a blog it will be useful. Personal blogs, e-commerce, portfolio, and business blogs, you can create anything u want.

3. Ocean WP:

wp theme ocean wp

One of the simplest themes, minimalistic and bundle of features.

This blog theme gives you the best features like multiple sidebars, custom layout, custom logo and gallery. These are premium features, which other paid theme offers. Ocean WP is one the best WordPress blog theme for beginners, you can build a blog, e-commerce site and magazines.

4. Bento: ­


It is a very useful WordPress theme for blogging. Free availability, great features and easy customization. Its easy compatibility with other page building plugins like elementor makes it a great competitor blog theme. It can be easily customized using the built-in customization feature that WordPress offers

5. Blocksy:


This theme has a built-in feature that keeps your website fast. A blog site that uses themes that are fast will rank quickly on google. Blocksy supports all other page builders, works perfectly with block editor. It is widely used for Blogging site, e-commerce and portfolios.

6. Hemmingway:


It has a two-column layout and a wide width header. This theme is very neat in look. It gives you a bundle of features like page templates, widgets, uploading logos. This theme also works excellent on smartphones.

7. NEVE:


It is a free blog theme available on the WordPress site. This theme is preferred for Business sites, blogs and online shopping sites. Neat and clean layout and minimalistic layout with a bundle of features to support your website. A feature like social share, navigation menu, sidebar, footer customization and much more give it an upper hand. This blog theme can be easily customized and it is also compatible with Divi and Elementor.

8. HESTIA: A Blog theme for WordPress


This blog theme can be used to build any kind of site, especially blogs. Customization is easy, tons of features, colours and typography choices, and header images are excellent features of this blog theme. All its pages can be easily edited using the default page block editor or create a page using page builder plugins.

9. The Columnist:


This blog theme has a magazine layout. It will give you a perfect look for your blog website. This blog theme has such a simple and beautiful layout. It gives you layout options for pages, bb press and buddy press plugins can be very easily used for chat features.

10. PHLOX:



A very beautiful WordPress blog theme. It comes with a full header image beautiful homepage layout. This blog theme has very useful widgets, custom headers, colour schemes, and social icons.




A free WordPress blog theme, neat and clean in look. Tons of features, easily customizable, full header screen with a custom logo, and menu options. Its classical blog layout with a sider bar makes it the right choice for a Blog th­­­­­­­eme.
All themes can be easily downloaded from the website https://wordpress.org.

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