Why WordPress is the Most Popular Blogging Platform in 2023?


WordPress is the real OG of CMS, website building, and management platforms. Ever since its inception in the year 2003, WordPress has been growing without a break. Over the years, it has evolved into a powerhouse for CMS, app development, website development, and hosting. It has now come to a groundbreaking point when WordPress owns a 42.7% market share for literally all the websites over the internet. Moreover, it holds a 65.2% share of the global CMS technology. This makes it the most popular blogging platform out there.



WordPress’s success knows no limit. Its popularity is growing at a steady pace. That speaks volume about its potential. Daily, over 500 new websites see the dawn of day through WordPress.org. In a hot second, 27% of new blog posts are created. WordPress receives a whopping 148 million each month. That is what you call a howling success.

These numbers make us wonder that why WordPress is at the top of the CMS and web world. What are the reasons behind its sheer success and growing popularity? In essence, these are the remarkable benefits WordPress provides to its users. These benefits attract potential users. Hence, the WordPress user base keeps on expanding.

Now, let us round up all the reasons for WordPress growing popularity.

Reasons for WordPress’s Growing Popularity

Today, over 455 million websites use WordPress. That speaks volume about WordPress’s soaring success. We will now highlight the five main reasons behind WordPress’s growing popularity.

Eradicates the Cost Barrier

For any new entrepreneur and content creator, having a website is crucial. However, websites come at a cost. For small businesses, entrepreneurs, and content creators, this is a challenge. WordPress eliminates this challenge away. The WordPress Core software is free to download.

Now, anyone can have a website without a cost barrier. However, if you wish to install any plug-ins or themes, it will come at a cost. However, primarily it is free. This is one of the main reasons that WordPress is taking the lead.

This makes it well suited and desirable for new businesses and content creators.

WordPress goes beyond Blogging.

Although it is commonly dedicated only for bloggers, it is more than that. WordPress can help us with many other important things. First, it commands a massive knowledge base. It offers glossaries and dictionaries. Moreover, it helps you to create tags, user-defined templates, and categories.

In addition, it enables you to create your own online learning portal through its Learning Management System (LMS). Besides that, it helps you by providing effective event management systems. WordPress also provides you with an invoicing systems manager, an RSS news portal, appointment scheduling, and a job portal.

WordPress facilitates SEO

We all know how vital SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is for any website. However, many websites hosting platforms make the whole SEO process and implementation complex. However, WordPress fully accommodates the application of SEO strategies through various plug-ins. It enables you to optimize media, managing Metadata, and create the permalinks. Moreover, it allows you to inculcate various SEO software tools into your website.

Ease in Content Management

This is the biggest reason why WordPress is so popular among entrepreneurs. Because it provides utmost ease in website management. You do not need to have extra technical and coding skills. With simple tools and functions, you can easily manage your own website. This also cuts the cost for the workforce.

A Plug-in for Everything

Plug-ins on WordPress are bits of software that extend the functionality of a website. WordPress offers a wide array of plug-ins for all kinds of functions. On WordPress, you will find both free and paid plug-ins. You can install plug-ins according to your requirements.

All of these sound reasons make WordPress the ideal website solution. With these benefits, it is bound to gain popularity.

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