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Pinterest can make a huge difference in the success of your blog as well as business. Whether you want to grow your business or blog, Pinterest can be a game-changer for you in your money-making efforts online.

There are many ways to earn money from Pinterest. But the first thing you want is to have an account on Pinterest. It is not necessary to start a blog but I highly recommend to start a blog.

Writing a blog is a life-changing experience for many people. Successful blogs have made it possible for bloggers to leave their jobs to travel or to stay home with their kids.

I am so happy and I always have some goal setting for my blog. It can be your best side hustle. Earning extra  $500 to 1000 a month will help you in buying grocery and paying bills right.

 Create a Pinterest account to make money on Pinterest  as a beginner

1. Start a blog

You don’t need a blog to make money on Pinterest but it is highly recommended. Making sales with HOW TO guides and tutorials is much easier. Sometimes your audience is encountering the same problem as you experienced. Your product may solve their problem, which is easy to explain if you have a blog.

You can write how the specific product solved your problem and within the blog post, you can link to the product.

I have created a short 7-day email course to start a blog from scratch. Sign up if you want your very own blog

2. Create a Pinterest account to make money on Pinterest as a beginner

The very first step is to create an optimised account. When the base is strong, it becomes easy to grow your account further.

When I started my Pinterest account, I learned the basics from  Pinterest ninja course. It is a great course which can help you in creating a great account from the beginning. During the course, you feel like Megan Johnson of Lovefamilylife is teaching each and every step so clearly and precisely.

3.  Create beautiful graphics and boards

Creating beautiful graphics is key to success on Pinterest. Though, there are many factors that will play an important role in building your Pinterest Presence, creating eye-catching graphics will make a difference. Pinterest is a visual search engine. Beautiful images attract people to click on them. Use Canva to create graphics. It is easy to use and beginner-friendly.

While starting on Pinterest, make at-least 10  boards and fill them with some of your content. Also, look for content from other people and look for some viral content.

4. Join niche-specific group boards

Though group boards are not considered as lucrative as they used to be, even then group boards will help you when you are starting out. You can check yourself on Pinterest which group boards you want to join or you can look at

Look for niche-specific group boards. Shoot them an email according to the group rules. If you don’t get accepted by a few of the group boards, don’t get disheartened, try with some more.

5. Start Pinning your beautiful content

Now as your Pinterest account is set up for pinning, and you have created some boards, it is time to start pinning. Pin your pins to niche-specific boards. You can start pinning manually in the beginning.

Pin consistently each day. Also, make sure to search for keywords for your Pinterest account. You can read more about getting clicks on your pins here.

6. Grow your audience

You don’t need a huge amount of traffic for making money from affiliate marketing but a sizeable amount of target audience is required for making sales.

When you know your readers and the problems they are encountering, you can help them solve their problem by promoting the right product. Also, only promote products which your readers will get value from.

Now the fun part is how Pinterest can make money.

Pinterest can be used to make money with or without a blog. Both of the strategies work but creating a blog is always recommended. 

  • Promoting your blog posts
  • By using affiliate links on your pins
  • Promoting your own blog posts
  • By working as Pinterest strategists

Before starting your affiliate marketing journey, you should know which products you want to promote. You should know

  • Make a list of the products you are using
  • Check if these products can solve the problems your readers are having
  • Do these products have affiliate programs?
  • Apply to these affiliate programs and get affiliate links for the products
  • How to make money on Pinterest as a beginner with affiliate marketing

    1. By using affiliate links on your pins

    As of now, Pinterest allows affiliate links. And if you know how to use them to make sales, you can earn good money.

    Some of the companies don’t allow affiliate links, be careful and check with the specific companies. But I have noticed that making sales from direct links is a bit difficult (though not impossible).

    Pins with affiliate links get fewer saves and less distribution in the feed. Blog posts can come to the rescue. The best option is to write blog posts and optimize them with the affiliate links. Create beautiful graphics(pins) and drive traffic to posts and make affiliate sales from there.

    You can write a post and link to products on your website. When a reader comes to your website, from there, they can click on the link and go to the product website.

    Affiliate marketing is great if you don’t have your own products. You get a commission for making a sale.

    If you want to learn affiliate marketing, you can learn it from Michelle of Makingsenseofcents. She has a great course on affiliate marketing. This course is amazing for newbie affiliate marketers.

    One of the most important part to be successful on Pinterest is to be clear about what your audience wants from you. If they are interested in pet care then promoting beauty products is not a good idea.

    Tip: Only promote products which you love yourself or you think may help your audience solve their problems.

    There are two options for images you want to use for affiliate products

    • Use the images provided by the vendor
    • Design pins by using your own images

    If you are using the products, clicking high-quality pics and using them will increase sales. So you can use your images or the images provided by the vendor.

    Test your pins and see which ones are performing better for your given products. And check if the creator or the owner of the product allows you to use your own images. Use multiple pins for a single product.

    2. Promote your own products

    Promoting your own products on Pinterest is also a lucrative idea to make money. If you have an Etsy shop, Shopify shop or any other eCommerce platform, you can leverage Pinterest to make money and grow your business. Here again, either you can directly link to your own products or your blog ( if you have one along with products ) for making sales. It is said that more people are ready to buy stuff on Pinterest than any other platform

    3. Working as a Pinterest strategist

    We all know that Pinterest can do wonders in terms of traffic and business. It means businesses want to be on Pinterest. But this is a bit complicated when you have to use it for your business.

    Here comes the need of somebody who is familiar with the ins and outs of the platform. If you have nailed Pinterest, you can start providing your services to help business owners and bloggers to grow their accounts.

    There are many terms used,

    • Pinterest VA
    • Pinterest Strategist
    • Social media manager( if you are managing other platforms too)

    In any case, you would get paid to help the business owners in growing their business and traffic.

    There is a great course by Megan from LOVEFAMILYHEALTH which can help you learning everything you need to become a Pinterest VA.

    4. Driving traffic to your blog

    If you are using Pinterest, you can use it to drive loads of traffic to your blog. I am getting most of my traffic from Pinterest and I started getting around 25000 pageviews immediately after applying strategies outlined in this course. This course has really got very effective strategies which can help you in driving traffic.

    I hope these tips will help you in earning money by working from home.

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