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How to Change Fiverr Username in 2022?

Are you looking for options about How to change Fiverr username? You want a name that is more relevant to your skill, in this article we will give idea how to change Fiverr username.

Can I change username on Fiverr?

The answer is simple, No, you can not change Fiverr username. Fiverr does not allow to change username. Fiverr states that “Your username is your unique identity on Fiverr, and it cannot be changed”. The only possibility of getting a new Fiverr username is that you create a new Fiverr account.

Can I use same Email Address?

If you want to use same email address that you are using in the Existing Fiverr account for creating new account then you need to change email of existing account or de-activate it.

How to Change email address of Fiverr Account?

Change Fiverr Username

  1. Open your Profile Settings.
  2. Enter your new email.
  3. click Save.

You’ll receive an email to your current email address requesting to confirm the change. Once the change is confirmed, you’ll receive another email to your new email address finalizing the change.

How to de-activate Fiverr Account?

Change Fiverr Username

  • Login into your Fiverr account.
  • Go to the settings
  • Choose a reason for deactivating Fiverr Account.
  • As you want to change username therefore select option “I want to change my username”.
  • Click Deactivate account.
  • You will receive a confirmation mail about your account deactivation.


  • If you have any amount pending for clearance in your account, then please contact Fiverr support before closing your account.

Cons of Changing Fiverr Username

  • It will take time to get new clients/orders
  • All your reviews will be lost
  • All gigs will be lost
  • You will require a new strong profile to meet buyers expectations and a lot of efforts to convince them to place order on new accounts.

Pros of A Perfect Fiverr Account Username

  • A Professional username can bring a lot of buyers.
  • Username is the first impression to buyers
  • Username related to your skill will bring clients

How to Choose a username for Fiverr?

  • Your Name: First part of your username must contain original name
  • Skill: Second part of username contains Skill/niche that you are offering
  • You can use online name generator but I would prefer using your name+ skill
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