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New version Of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3


Samsung unveils a new galaxy phone that will allow you to design your smartphone. With bespoke edition, people can design their own Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. Samsung released their product Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 back in August, the company only made four colors available: Cream, Lavender, Phantom Black, Green. What if none of the offered colors you liked?

 Here comes Samsung with Bespoke edition of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

samsung z
PC: Samsung



The all-new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Bespoke is a new version of the Galaxy Z Flip3 foldable that can be customized in a choice of color you want. The company claims this is the first time any brand in the market offers its customers to choose color of their choice and customize it according to their personalities. Samsung says it has done very smart research to find trending and exclusive colors. They came up with the Bespoke Edition to offer users phenomenal options.

But it should be noted that people choosing Bespoke Edition will be not able to select any color of their choice, Samsung will offer colors and you have to select any color from it. Don’t worry the list is quite big, Samsung offers 49 color combinations. You have to select five colors from the list. The list includes White, black, pink, blue, silver and yellow. 



According to the company, the Samsung Galaxy Z flip 3 is now available in major countries including the USA, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Korea and the UK. The company plans to make it available soon globally. Starting price is $1,099, You can order it from Samsung. If you are looking ­­



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