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How many days are there in one hundred years?


This is a question that has been knocking on the minds of many people around the world.  There have been some theories thrown in to answer this age-old question but for today, we will be focusing on how it was actually answered.

The first attempt at answering this question is with an equation-  \(100\times 365\) which equals 36,500 days.  With this formula, 100 years are not accurately counted because it does not take leap years into consideration. So when February 29th is set as a leap year, the next day after which the date stays the same would only be February 28th. Thus, 36,500 days do not truly represent 100 years.

To answer this question more accurately, a astronomer named Jean Meeus used a different equation that takes leap years into consideration.  Meeus’ equation is as follows:  \(365.2422 days\) which is the average number of days in a year. This number was rounded up to 365.25 days so that it would be easier to remember and use. Applying this equation, 100 years consist of 36525 days.

While many people may not need to know the exact number of days in 100 years, it is fascinating to see how such an answer was found after all these years! And for those who are curious- there are 36525 days in 100 years! Happy counting!

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